There are quite of few ten pin bowling techniques and tips you might like to learn about when you start to bowl. Knowledge is one of the key bowling tips of learning to bowl and have fun doing it. Here are some bowling tips you may or may not know:

Bowling Tip #1-Bowling burns calories …up to 415 every one and a half hours! Think about how great it could be to get some exercise, stimulate your muscles, and maybe lose a few pounds, and all at the same time while you are having fun. Sounds great, huh?

Bowling Tip #2-Bowling also provides good cardiovascular and whole-body benefits . And, doesn’t the idea of getting in a good workout as you are playing the most fun game ever sound like a much better idea than a boring workout in a sweaty gym?

Bowling Tip #3-Bowling is a great way to reduce stress. An afternoon at the lanes can wash away all of your stress. Any kind of exercise can relax and lower your stress rate, but it seems like bowling has twice the effect.

Bowling Tip #4-Bowling centers are family oriented. They have bumper bowling for the wee ones, and youth leagues with bowling coaches, and school leagues.

Bowling Tip #5 -Bowling offers benefits that are especially important for children. There are few better ways to teach sportsmanship, strategy, or eye-hand coordination, than bowling. So take your kids bowling with you.

Bowling Tip #6 What is Blue pin/Red pin Moonlite Bowling. This is a whole new game of bowling. This happens on New Year’s Eve. Our bowling center turns out the lights at 9:00 PM. If you get a strike when the red or blue pin is in the head pin (center position), you get a free game. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Bowling Tip #7– What is Rock-N- Bowl? It is the most fun to have bowling with your favorite music blasting from the stereo system.

Bowling Tip #8– You need to purchase a comfortable pair of bowling shoes. Bowling shoes need to fit your feet well. You need to determine which foot you will slide with and that bowling shoe will have a special smooth piece on the bottom made for sliding. There is a variety of styles and colors of bowling shoes to fit everyone’s tastes and pocketbooks.

Bowling Tip #9-That special bowling ball you try to grab first each time you bowl, isn’t always there when you need it. A ball that perfectly fits your fingers and hand is the best bet for a comfortable fit and a great roll down the lanes. A bowling ball needs to fit your fingers and thumb well and still be able to roll off them when you release the bowling ball. Your ball needs to lay flat on the palm of your hand (this is called your span) so it is comfortable
for you during your release.

Bowling Tip #10-Bowling balls come in all weights starting at 8lbs.-16lbs. Bowling balls come in a variety of colors. Bowling balls are made by dozens of manufacturers and come in plastic, resin, and reactive covers. Check with your bowling centers for a bowling ball to fit your particular needs.

Bowling Tip #11-Now for the convenience of carrying your new ball and shoes, you should purchase a bowling bag. Bowling bags come in one ball, 2 ball, 3 ball, and 4 ball bags. They also made by a few name manufacturers and some models come with wheels for easily removal from the bowling center.

Bowling Tip #12– Have fun in your new adventures of BOWLING!